We’re an enthusiastic, motivated, and ambitious team, native to Connecticut. We started Studer Solutions to help other small businesses and support people with big ideas. Our mission is to put our tech know-how to good use, discovering digital solutions to make an impact in our community and beyond.

Aaron Studer

Aaron Studer

Technical Director

Aaron manages our hosting platform and oversees all technology projects. With over ten years in IT, you can feel confident knowing you’re in good hands. Aaron prides himself on finding the right solution for your business that is both efficient and affordable. 


Sophia Valentin

Sophia Valentin

Design Director

Sophia manages the creative and design aspects of every project. A recent graduate of the University of Connecticut Digital Media & Design program, she has experience working for the student-run agency, ATION, on digital marketing projects for small businesses across Connecticut and managing social media for Greenhouse Studios, the research unit in the UConn Library. She has a passion for cartoons, reptiles, and meeting new people. 


Jess Brown

Jess Brown

Illustrator & Animator

Jess’ art adds something special to every project she contributes to. She recently graduated from Lesley University in Massachusetts and she’s been creating freelance artwork for animation studios such as, Big Giant Head LLC, Floating Pear, FableVision, as well as, various online collaborators. She aims to make art that will resonate in people’s heads and hearts. Check out her portfolio & instagram! 

Frequently Asked Questions About Us...
What does the name mean?

It’s Aaron’s last name! He comes from a family of tech enthusiasts (nerds). From an early age he’s been fascinated by the digital world and the powerful tools used to not only navigate, but thrive within it. Part two of this question: why solutions? The answer is simple; because the sky is the limit. We aren’t just web designers, we strive to be a full-service agency. When clients come to us with wants, needs, troubles, and dreams, we are dedicated to discovering just what services will fit their specific project. We won’t hesitate to go the extra mile to make sure we deliver our clients with the solution that exceeds their expectations.

Where are you located?

In Norwich, Connecticut by a beautiful waterfall. We love it here. Lovely beaches, plenty of wilderness to explore, and a short distance from exciting city life. Remember that although we love supporting local businesses, proximity doesn’t have to be a factor in choosing a website designer. We cater to clients’ needs the best we can, whether you’re right next door or across the country. The internet makes long distance communication and collaboration easy!

Why hire us?

There are many advantages to working with us. We provide our clients a one-on-one business relationship with individualized and personalized attention. There is no middle-man and we never outsource work overseas. We don’t pop out websites left and right, we do them right. We studied design and use the proper design tools. Your site will be responsive and optimized for SEO. Lastly, we provide all this at fair prices — we want to help your business grow, not add nonsense fees.  

What do you charge?

Each client we work with is unique, therefore each project we work on is unique. Our prices are based off the scope of the project and services requested of us. As an example, we charge around $1,000 for a basic web design & development project and with each service added such as hosting, maintenance, e-commerce, membership functionality, etc. the price could go up to $5,000. It’s all about building the project specifications that will benefit the client the most.


Which social media platforms are you on?

Find us @studersolutions Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!